A-Xz Alliance

BudPatron location: S:243 X:155 Y:661

Troop Training helpers:

1. Commander Skill Points
	First, set Commander Skill Points for Troop Training and queue size before training any troops.
	Troop Training I and II gives a 122% bonus to troop training speed.
	Actual troop training speed calculations: 
				  Base Time / (100% + Training Boost)
				  1000 days / (100% + 400% boost) = 1000 / 5 = 200 days left
                              1000000 days / (100% + 900% boost) = 1000000 / 10 = 100000 days left

2. *BANKS!*
	Banks are the only building that boost troop training!
	Banks boost training speed by 1% boost per level up to building level 21, then increase even more for levels above 21.
	The current max is 60% boost at level 30.
	The totals are stackable, so 2 banks are 120% boost, and so on!
	Training grounds do not boost; they only increase training queue size.
	At higher player levels, fewer training grounds are necessary, so replace them with banks!
3. Gear Sets
	The top two training gear sets are (in this order):
	1. Jungle Training Set Gear
	2. Red Beret
	Make sure to use all parts of the same set and to set your 5 and 7 Bonus, and Commander Skill points.  There are several mods that reduce training, promotion, speed, and costs.
4. Research!
	Training Speed I in the Combat tree adds 20% training speed boost.
	Training Speed II in the Commander tree adds 24% training speed boost.
5. Saving Troops when your base is attacked - Hospital beds
               The highest tier killed when your base is attacked goes to the hospital first.  But if for example only T1 and T2 are killed on first attack, T2s fill the beds first. If you are subsequently attacked again, and your beds are full, the higher tier troops will die instead of being protected.

Commander Skill Tree - Recipes
	*ALL* Presets:
		Left Side
			Base Set Bonus Boost [5]
			Full Set Bonus Boost [7]
		Right Side
			Resource Send Capacity
			Resource Receive Capacity		(Optional if you have HUGE RSS amounts.)
			Resource Help Capacity
			Support Friend Multiplier
			Support Self Multiplier			(!Important!) Increases the amount of Support you can receive from other members (Max:200%).
			Commander Construction Support
			Commander Training Support
			Commander Research Support
			Commander Production Support
			Training Support Booster
... more preset recipies to come                                             

Commander Skill Tree
	L/R No.	Skill                           Pts	Adv	Prereq.	Detail
	---	---	------------------------------- ---	---	-------	------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
	L   01A	Troop Attack                   	05	02	00     	Increases damage done by Troops and Traps. Max: 3.5%
	R	01B	Food Production                	05	02	00     	Increases Food production from your farms. Max: 18%
	L	02A	Construction                   	10	00	L01/R01	Increases construction speed. Max:40%
	R	02B	Research                       	10	00	L01/R01	Increases Research speed. Max:40%
	L	03A	Troop Training                 	15	05	L01    	Increases Troop training speed. Max:30%
	L	04A	Tactical Attack
	L	04B	Artillery Attack
	L	05A	Armored Vehicle
	L	06A	Infantry Attack
	L	06B	Trap Building
	L	07A	Troop Health
	L	07B	Trap Attack         
	L	08A	Troop Defense
	L	09A	Trap Building II
	L	10A	Infantry Attack II
	L	10B	Trap Attack II
	R	10C	
	L	11A	Armored Vehicle Attack II                           
	L	11B	Tactical Attack II
	R	11C	
	L	12A	Troop Training II
	L	12B	Artillery Attack II
	R	12C	
	L	13A	Troop Defense II
	L	14A	Troop Health II
	?	14B        
	R	14C        
	L	15A	Troop Queue
	L	15B	Rally Attack Bonus
	R	15C	Troop Load
	L	16A        
	?	16B        
	R	16C        
	L	17A        
	?	17B        
	R	17C        
	L	18A        
	?	18B        
	R	18C        
	L	19A        
	?	19B        
	R	19C        
	L	20A        
	?	20B        
	R	20C        
	L	21A        
	?	21B        
	R	21C        
	L	22A        
	?	22B        
	R	22C        
	L	23A        
	?	24B        
	R	24C        
	L	24A        
	?	25B        
	R	25C        
	L	25A        
	?	26B        
	R	26C        
	L	26A        
	?	27B        
	R	27C        
	L	27A        
	?	28B        
	R	28C        
	L	28A        
	?	29B        
	R	29C        
	L	29A        
	?	29B        
	R	29C        
	L	30A        
	?	30B        
	R	30C